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Get a career page

  • Show your job openings on a customizable career page.
  • Get candidates through a customizable application form.
  • Share on social networks.

Manage and qualify candidates

  • Contact candidates through the app.
  • Comment and filter candidates with team members.
  • Use a custom drag & drop pipeline of candidates to determine which stage they are.

Create a team

  • Invite members to join your recruitment team.
  • Track member activity within the app.
  • Limits the actions and permissions of team members.

And also these features


Get a widget for your website or custom the domain.

Hiring team

Provide access to your hiring team without extra cost.

Export data

Export data and reports with just one click.


Get reports on your jobs, candidates and team.

Customers trust

Jobersy helps us to organize our recruitment process avoiding having hundreds of resumes cluttering our email inbox.

Nicolas Orell / Director & Founder

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