Add and manage your job openings

Add your company's vacancies. Define properties, priorities, descriptions and match existing candidates from your database.

Change the status and visibility on the career page for the position.


Show your available positions in a customizable career page

Customize your career page and give it the style and colors of your company.

Decide what to show for each open position. Customize the application form and allow candidates to upload their resume into your database.


Get applicants from your career page

Receive candidates profiles who applied on your career page.

Customize the candidate pipeline with your company workflow.

Visualize their data, questions and resume. Filter the candidate with your team and change their stage.


Share and comment with your recruiting team members

Invite members of your recruiting team and give them access to jobs and candidates.

Determine the permissions and actions that team members will be able to perform.


Get monthly reports with information about your jobs, candidates and team

Get different metrics to evaluate team member's performance and job listing's efficiency.

Make your recruitment process easier now!

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